What is Ardena Food made out of?

Ardena Food products are made out of selected high quality ingredients that are safe to consume. Ardena Food’s main ingredients are export quality fishes from Indonesia’s ocean.

Is Ardena Food safe to consume?

Ardena Food is certified by BPOM and Halal by MUI. So needless to say it’s very safe to consume by everyone.

How do I cook it?

All Ardena Food products can be cooked by frying, grilling, boiling and steaming. But products that are coated with bread crumbs are recommended to be cooked by frying them.

How long can they last?

Ardena Food products are recommended to be stored in a -18° C freezer, and can last for up to 1 year. If it stays in a room temperature (>25° C) Ardena Food products are recommended to be cooked at max 6 hours after taken out from the freezer to ensure a higher quality taste.

Where can Ardena Food be found?

Ardena Food products can be found at frozen food agents and traditional markets in Jabodetabek, Banten, West Java and Surabaya. Ardena Food can also be purchased via online marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Shopee and Grab Food with the name Ardena Food.

Is Ardena Food safe to be consumed by kids?

Completeley safe, even for 2 year old babies. For kids who are just learning to chew, it’s best to be served by boiling or in a soup so it has a soft texture and improve their appetite.

Is Ardena Food available in supermarkets?

As of now we are available in Fortuna Swalayan, Pujasari Swalayan and MM1 Swalayan supermarkets.

How many Ardena product variants are there?

We have 19 savory variants that are compatible with market’s taste and easy to process.

What are Ardena Food’s best sellers?

Fish Row Roll, Egg Money Bag, Salmon Ball, Kaki Naga and Shrimp Ball.

Expiry Period

1 year as of the production code and expiry code.


  • Fish based processed food
  • High quality food
  • Healthy food
  • Halal, healthy, tasty, economic and practical
  • Nutritious and vitamin rich
  • Attractive packaging, unique and practical
  • Loved by all people and ages. From kids, adults, even pregnant mother
  • Easy to be prepared as a favourite menu
  • Perfect as a dish or a healthy snack
  • Has a perfect taste for the market
  • A wide variety of products
  • Highest quality products, BPOM and Halal MUI certified, hygienic and nutritious
  • A little amount of preservative
  • Affordable price
  • Made of chosen processed fishes combined with perfect recipes, made Ardena Food products tasty and nutritious