About Us

Ardena food

Ardena Food is a processed frozen food brand produced by PT Ardena Artha Mulia. Focusing on processed seafood. Ardena Food believe, by producing healthy, tasty, nutritious, easy to prepare, and high quality foods with affordable price will give additional value to all families in Indonesia.

The name Ardena came from ancient Celtic language which means excitement. Artha and Mulia both came from Sansekerta language; Artha means prosperity and Mulia means nobility. As a whole, Ardena Artha Mulia means “Excited to work for prosperity without ruling out noble and precious values.

We use high quality ingredients, have skilled and experienced team members, equipped with high tech facilities, and also good procedure standards. We are committed to produce high quality and tasty foods to be consumed by our society.

Main Consumers

Mothers : Mother is the decision maker regarding the foods that will be consumed by her family, which has to be tasty, healthy, affordable, quick to prepare and loved by the family. Which makes her the hero for the family.

Young Professionals : Young adults who are busy with their daily jobs and fast pacing lifestyle. They need tasty, easy to prepare and trendy foods.

Food Merchants : Food business is one of the never ending businesses. The food merchants know, other than tasty and affordable price, food quality is on their attention to find the perfect ingredients.


Ardena Food understands the importance of food quality and safety also Halal requirement. That’s why we make sure our products and facilities to be certified by National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) and Halal MUI.


To be the best processed food company in Indonesia, also to be known and consumed in the whole world.


Providing healthy, tasty, nutritious and high quality processed food with competitive price so it can be enjoyed by all people in Indonesia.